I was in the profession of law enforcement for over 36 years and worked in the field, as a patrol officer and Sergeant, for all but 6 of those years, until I retired. I worked a variety of patrol stations in Southern California, including Malibu, West Hollywood, La Crescenta, Santa Clarita, Palmdale and Lancaster. I have dealt with a wide variety of people, situations, problems (other people’s and my own), and dangerous, life threatening situations. I’ve witnessed unspeakable, horrible death and cruelty perpetrated by human beings on their fellow humans, and wondered about what happened to their humanity. I’ve seen horrific scenes of suicide by the young and old; images which are indelibly etched in my memory, and will never be able to forget. And I’ve wondered why no one could save them; why they were driven to such despair that they could not find some hope, beauty, love, strength or resilience to keep on living life. I’ve witnessed racism, bigotry and prejudice in its many guises, and I’ve been the object of extreme prejudice, and endured intense hatred, suspicion, distrust, and violent resistance because of the intense prejudice that fuels some people’s thinking and feelings about police officers. Some of these perceptions are based on legitimately bad experiences, callous mistreatment, and downright cruelty and brutality at the hands of law enforcement. But many are manufactured and utilized by people engaged in bad behavior or criminal activity as a device to distract law enforcement with the intent of harming the officer(s), dissuading them from doing their job, or diverting attention from their bad behavior or criminal activity. Sometimes the intent is also revenge or profit by settlement of nuisance lawsuits which cities and counties habitually and frequently pay to avoid the costs of prolonged litigation.

I’ve also witnessed incredible acts of compassion, kindness, selflessness, tenderness, courage and bravery by police officers and citizens, alike. My blog will be my commentary about the many different experiences I’ve had in my career and issues that I’ve perceived as a citizen and a police officer. I welcome commentary and questions.

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